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OLLI is a member-driven organization in many ways. In addition to enrollment fees and grants from the Osher Foundation, we are also fueled by the generous financial support of members and friends who help keep our fees low so that we can continue to enrich the lives of all lifelong learners. When you make a gift to OLLI at UNR, you are helping OLLI both now and for the future. You strengthen lifelong learning in Northern Nevada, you enrich your own life and you make a positive impact on the lives of many others. If you appreciate how OLLI makes a difference in your life, please consider following the lead of the many past and current members who contribute to OLLI every year through established scholarship funds, supporting specific OLLI programs, or by including OLLI in your planned giving.

Ways to Give

What will tomorrow's OLLI look like? You decide. When you make a planned gift to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Nevada, Reno through OLLI Legacy Giving, you integrate your financial goals with your personal goals to help shape the future. A planned gift is an ideal way for people who would like to help OLLI’s long-term sustainability, but can’t right now. Just a few sentences in your will or trust, or a simple change to your IRA or life insurance beneficiary statement may be all that is required. Please be sure to let us know of your planned giving intentions because it helps OLLI demonstrate our long-term sustainability to foundations and other larger funders. For more information, contact the UNR Foundation at (775) 784-1587 or email at


Please select the account you'd like to give to by clicking on the title below. We thank you for your donation to OLLI at UNR.

Friends of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI): The Friends of OLLI fund provides unrestricted resources to OLLI and helps build our long-term success. OLLI is a volunteer organization, and the generosity of our members enables us to keep our fees low, maintain our facilities, provide adequate learning space and upgrade technology for members and presenters today and into the future.

OLLI Lifescapes Endowment: Give to Lifescapes and help support OLLI members in the writing and publishing of many years of collected wisdom and memories. Lifescapes provides an opportunity for mature men and women to record their life experiences — what they’ve seen, learned and might desire to pass on — for their friends and family. In Lifescapes classes, OLLI members read a piece of literature, react to it, and then write a personal response in class that connects the writer with the literature. Many of the short pieces written in class will eventually be linked together to form a memoir — either as an individual book made up of reminiscences and memories of one writer’s lifetime, or as part of a larger anthology that includes the collected works of several OLLI members. Currently, individual books and anthologies are printed by the University, letter-sized, bound with tape, and limited to no more than 125 pages.

OLLI Quasi Endowment: OLLI strives for continuous improvement in bringing enriching learning and social activities to older adults in northern Nevada and beyond. The OLLI Quasi Endowment Fund is a way to meet future needs and seize promising opportunities that support the growth of membership, course offerings, and collaborative work with community organizations, all while keeping membership costs low.

OLLI Scholarship Fund: Your support of the OLLI Scholarship Fund will open opportunities for lifelong learning to those who need OLLI most. As members know, OLLI at the University of Nevada, Reno is a robust member-directed organization of adults aged 50 and older that promotes personal development through intellectually stimulating programs and provides a community in which to get acquainted and socialize. We firmly believe the OLLI community is enriched by diversity that can only be achieved if all older adults in our community are given the opportunity to attend, regardless of income. While OLLI has a large and growing membership, there are many older adults for whom membership, transportation, and special event fees are not affordable. In an effort to open OLLI to as many community members as possible, we offer scholarships to those who cannot otherwise afford to attend.

For more information or help with any donation, please contact the OLLI office at or (775) 784-8053. 


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