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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)
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OLLI’s membership year runs from July 1- June 30, with an annual fee of $85.  

All paid-up members have access to as many OLLI events, programs and activities as they wish to attend throughout the year. 

Members may bring a guest to one program session per semester. Guests may sample one free class before choosing to become an OLLI member. 

Most programs are included in your annual membership fee. 

If an additional fee is required for an activity, tour or special event, payment options will be explained in the program description. 

Books and supplies are not included in membership fees or scholarships.

Pre-registration is required for all tours, special events, and only a few programs, due to high demand and/or limited space. When a program does require pre-registration, specific instructions will be included in the catalog description for that particular class, event or tour. 

You must be a current and paid-up OLLI member in order to pre-register for any such program.

UNR’s Student Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Policies apply to all OLLI members and staff and are designed to promote and protect a learning environment which encourages reasoned discourse, intellectual honesty, openness to constructive change and respect for the rights of all individuals.

All OLLI participants must adhere to the general UNR Student Code of Conduct, Section II: Student Conduct Regulations & Policies, Part A, established by the University of Nevada, Reno, as well as to the Sexual Harassment Policy established by the Nevada Board of Regents. 

All OLLI activities, whether indoor or outdoor, are smoke-free environments. 

Closed beverage containers are permitted in all classrooms except when using computers. Food is allowed only at the rear tables in Main. Members are responsible for keeping all areas clean. 

Firearms are prohibited at any OLLI programs, events and activities.

OLLI programs begin on time. Please plan to be seated before the listed start time to avoid interrupting the speaker and other attendees.

OLLI members are encouraged to socialize, but please be quiet during class and in the halls when classes are in session. Remember to turn all cell phones and other electronic devices off or to vibrate mode when you are in class.

Basic information about OLLI as an organization is available on this website.

  • OLLI Weekly is emailed to current members every Friday with a schedule of the events and programs for the upcoming week plus timely information for members.
  • The OLLI Office voicemail at 775-784-8053 (and press 2) offers important alerts, changes or cancellations for the current week.
  • Printed Monthly Catalogs are available at the OLLI office.


VOLUNTEERS: OLLI is a member-powered organization; every one of the class sessions, programs, events, tours and activities we offer are organized and provided through volunteer efforts.

All of our program instructors and facilitators have graciously donated their time and expertise to our OLLI. Please remember to thank them for their efforts. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact any OLLI Advisory Council member, Committee chair or the Moana office for more information. 


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