Giving to Lifescapes at OLLI

Giving to Lifescapes at OLLI

Give to Lifescapes and help support OLLI members in the writing and publishing of many years of collected wisdom and memories.

Lifescapes provides an opportunity for mature men and women to record their life experiences — what they’ve seen, learned and might desire to pass on — for their friends and family.  In Lifescapes classes, OLLI members read a piece of literature, react to it, and then write a personal response in class that connects the writer with the literature.

Many of the short pieces written in class will eventually be linked together to form a memoir — either as an individual book made up of reminiscences and memories of one writer’s lifetime, or as part of a larger anthology that includes the collected works of several OLLI members. Currently, individual books and anthologies are printed by the University, letter-sized, bound with tape, and limited to no more than 125 pages.

Your Contributions

Contributions to Lifescapes may be used for program development, resources and improvements including:

  • Workshops every other year for Lifescapes facilitators
  • Better binding for Lifescapes memoirs and anthologies
  • More choice in book design and format
  • The option of using heavier, higher-quality paper stock
  • The ability to include color photos in publications
  • Additional individual books (We currently attempt only two-three per year)
  • Upgraded computer programs

Lifescapes classes began at OLLI in 2003 with one class of 12 participants, and have more than quadrupled in size since. Lifescapes now has three classes at OLLI with a total of 55 students. Based on Lifescapes classes being offered at public libraries, OLLI’s Lifescapes classes contributed to the libraries’ anthology early in the program’s development. In the spring of 2006, OLLI class members decided to do an additional anthology that would be made up of contributions from OLLI class members only. Since then, OLLI has continued to publish Lifescapes anthologies annually.

Looking ahead, OLLI Lifescapes classes would like to publish a spectacular 10th anniversary book that would be hard-bound, would allow for unlimited number of pages with color photographs, and that could be published in the format Lifescapes participants deemed best suited for this venture. Thank you for your support in our efforts to share the collected wisdom and life stories of our OLLI members.

For more information about giving to OLLI, please complete and submit the OLLI Giving donation form (PDF), or visit the University Foundation OLLI Donation Page.